Camp spaces, cabins, motor homes, and facility usage rates

Hauli Huvila ratesHauli Huvila is a private volunteer camp for Finnish people and friends of Finns. Everyone you see working at Hauli Huvila is a volunteer that donates their time and effort to keep Hauli Huvila running smoothly to ensure that everyone has a great stay. All rates listed are recommended donations that are applied to the maintenance, foods, supplies, and care of running Hauli Huvila.

The following rates are during the Hauli Huvila event and holiday weekends. For rates during any other times, please use the contact form below to request rates.

Camping, Day Use, and Motor Home Rates

All guest using the Hauli Huvila campgrounds and staying overnight pay the per day camping rates, except for cabin guests. The camping rate is per space, the motorhome rate is in addition to the camping rate. Interested in becoming a Hauli Huvila member? Learn more about our membership.

Hauli Huvila Usage Rates Member Rates
Camping $10.00 $5.00
Facilities Day Usage $5.00 $2.50
Motor Homes, Campers, and RVs $25.00 $25.00

Cabin Rates

Hauli Huvila cabins are usually reserved for our members, however they can be available to non-members, if they have not all been reserved by our members. Due to popularity on our event and holiday long weekends, the cabins can not be reserved, instead to keep things fair for everyone, we employ a lottery drawing for the cabins. Interested in becoming a Hauli Huvila member? Learn more about our membership.

Hauli Huvila Cabins Rates Member Rates
Cabin $60.00 $50.00
Family Cabin $90.00 $80.00

Note that if you are only able to stay 2 nights, you are expected to pay the 3 night rate. You can make arrangements with friends or guests to give your cabin for the extra night that you are unable to stay.

Rates During Non-Hauli Huvila Event Dates

Interested in using the Hauli Huvila camp on dates other than our event weekends? The campgrounds are available to use on the off days during the summer, you can even rent the entire camp for a corporate event or just a few days. However please note that not all the facilities and activities are available during these off times.