2013 Memorial Day Volunteer Stars

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Tuula's Friday Night Dinnr

Hauli Huvila would like to thank everyone who worked in the kitchen during this Memorial Day weekend, with an extra-special kiitos to Tuula Norda, Mike Jussila, and Stefan Richter.

Tuula Norda

Tuula worked more and harder than anyone else in the kitchen despite being one of the oldest people in the entire campground. Tuula made Friday’s meatball dinner almost single-handedly. She also helped with breakfast shifts on Sunday and Monday. Plus she helped Minna with the final kitchen cleaning on Monday. Kiitos Tuula!

Mike Jussila

Mike did a tremendous job preparing pork and turkey in a deep pit for Saturday’s dinner. Many might not be aware of the amount of time and effort it took because the cooking was done at Mike’s friend’s house several miles away. Kiitos Fritz!

Stefan Richter

Stefan was Top Chef in our kitchen for Saturday and Sunday’s dinner. We have never had better sauces at Hauli Huvila. Kiitos Stefan!

Dinner Line

Delicious Dinner

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at Hauli Huvila on Memorial Day!


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