Spring Talkoot 2012

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Photos and videos taking during the 2012 Spring Hauli Huvila volunteer work weekend, or as we say in Finnish “Talkoot”.  Talkoot is a Finnish expression for gathering of friends and neighbors to work together unpaid to accomplish a task. for example to build or repair something.

  • Photos (28)

    • Jyrki and Nana
    • Walnut tree
    • 03
    • Walnut burl
    • Candy
    • Kata and Vincent cooking breakfast
    • Kings River
    • Walnut burl
    • Minna and Riikka
    • 10
    • Kata, Vincent, and Nana
    • 12
    • 13
    • New vegetable garden bed
    • New vegetable garden bed
    • Randy and Jimmy build the garden bed
    • Roy trims a walnut tree
    • The boys helping out
    • Marcus and Ahvo clean the grill
    • Real yard work
    • Tarmo cleans walnut burl
    • Kata gives the kids a wheelbarrow ride
    • Meal time at talkoot
    • Roy
    • Jennifer and Alicia trim vines
    • Bath time!
    • Mike and Liisa trim vines
    • Spring Talkoot

  • Videos (4)

    This Spring Talkoot we pulled out an old dead tree, the brief videos below showcase some of the volunteer work to get the job done!

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